As long as Bing keeps on winning

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For the last 4 years now, I have been using Bing, and there is nothing more frustrating than when I try to credit my daily Bing activities, sometimes it takes me three to four, or even five attempts before I can do it. Even worse, and it is happening more and more often, Bing notifies me that since I have completed my daily set, I have missed a day.  In fact, when I complain to Microsoft support, they tell me that I did in fact miss a single day.

It's really making me think if it's even worth it to keep a streak going by playing these stupid daily activities, only to see it fail on a regular basis. Regardless of Bing's "rewards", the frustration and aggravation that comes with it are not worth it. on and frustration.  I have seriously considered cashing out my Bing points, uninstalling Bing from my PC, and going back to using Google instead.

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You too? So it's Microsoft not us who screw up! and these cowards don't ever want to acknowledge they are at fault! Maybe we should all delete Bing and Edge from our computers, and see if it makes a difference. I thought Google was evil, guess Microsoft has probably passed them in evilness and selaziness!