Apparently, there are TWO "Norman Fosters"

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[Found by doing today's (June 21, 2021) "this or that"** topic as relating to Norman Foster and his architecture.] It turns out there are two "Norman Fosters."


After finishing today's "this or that," I was curious to know more about this Norman Foster- the architect. So, I typed his name into (the) Bing! Search where I discovered he "died in 1976(?!)." How could this be true when (THANKS to today's "This or That") I learned most of this Norman Foster's work was done way after 1976 and is alive.

I am pretty embarrassed I hadn't 'caught' this minor mistake when going through the "people born on June 1" carousel (on June 1st), which turns out to be (this) Norman Foster, the Architect's birthday. Compared to that, Norman Foster, the Actor/ Director, was born December 13, 1903. Unfortunately, it is that Norman Foster, the actor/ director, who is the one that passed away on July 7, 1976.

-(For reference, please, review screenshots. I "highlighted" multiple areas to 'point' where to look. Hopefully, they show up onscreen)-

Anyway, I would have used the "feedback," but you can only "screenshot" one section at a time, and I needed to refer to multiple areas of the screen. Perhaps, maybe in the future, there could be a way to capture various areas of the screen through the ''feedback" section?

**Also, a note to the creator(s) of the "this or that" for June 21, 2021. I believe you have made many people happy with how EASY you compiled today's "this or that" for them!!! And just in case you don't get 'one' from 'them,' (I) thank you (FOR them).-Lol  =^o^=

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