Am I missing something here?

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Oh, DEAR, dear, dear Bing! I am losing faith in "This or That" once again! Today's (Thurs., Oct. 07, 2021) question is:

"Which literary classic is longer?"


MY first question to this is: "Longer" HOW? In page length? By publishing date? "Longer" HOW?


Right off the bat, the choice was between "A Tale of Two Cities" and "Treasure Island." Can you guess which one I CHOSE after looking up the answer through YOUR very own search engine? No need to worry! I took screenshots. *(Please, see attachments below.) But, out of curiosity, when asking "which is longer," the idea WAS about page length, correct?


So, if "A Tale of Two Cities" has a total of 112 pages and "Treasure Island" has 292 pages, HOW did I get the answer wrong? Have I misunderstood the phrase of the question? Please advise.


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Hi Rae, Rae,

Yes, that's true but they still cant' access any 3rd party links including this one. They only allowed to view attachments, and file transfer :)

It is just policy I guess, anyways have a great day!



Are you telling me that Microsoft can NOT access their OWN "tech community," which is through and arranged BY Microsoft?!? Now, I am perplexed! That doesn't make any sense.

HI Rae_Rae,

They are in a controlled environment, they only can access certain websites that they need to use. They can't access this and the OneDrive links.

My point is that the only way to send screenshots is to attach the files via email, also they will ask you to make a PSR zip.

To do that, you search up "Step recorder", they will provide links :)

Just follow their emails answers and they will help you :)


@Deleted( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hi Rae_Rae,

Were they able to fix the issue for you?

@Deleted Fix? The "issue?" IDK. We will have to wait and see. The "issue" was over the "This or That" portion of the daily set and how THREE (different) answers came up "wrong" when in FACT, I looked them up... on Bing!. I had to. I mean, can you remember how many pages EVERY "literary classic" has?! :facepalm:

I see, I wasn't asking about that though, just wondering if they got back to you yet.

@Deleted  WoW! Sorry for the confusion! I thought I had already mentioned they HAD gotten back to me. 

Yes Rae_Rae, I know they replied to you once but have they gotten back to your reply? Like you sent them screenshots right?? Or sent the link?

@Deleted  I was sent an "autoresponse."  There was no ACTUAL reply. Then, (I) received a "Case Closure Confirmation for Service Request." Am I guessing they rewarded me with (the) points? IDK. 

I sent a link TO the screenshots. How else was I supposed to verify? Perhaps, that is why they sent the "Case Closure Confirmation for Service Request?"

Hi Rae_rae,

Sorry for the late reply, I hope you are having a great day. Can you try replying back to that email to open it or make a new ticket?



@Deleted, I don't believe I fully understand what you want me to do. Are you asking me to reply to a "closed auto-response?" I still have the "service request number," if this helps.


@Rae_Rae Hi Rae_rae, well sometimes you can reopen a case by replying to it or you may make a new ticket. It shouldn't have closed on you like that, please try making a new ticket response from the rewards page. This time, just mention in the request form about the quiz issues.





@Deleted I may have found a "new" way to/ of/ for handling "these" things. There is a handle on Reddit called "MicrosoftRewards." I think "it" might be easier to go through them?

HI Rae_rae, the best thing to do to get this solved by the Microsoft Rewards team is to use this form to submit a new ticket. That's the only way to get this solved, I think it was just an
unlucky time where your ticket accidentally got closed or some glitch.

Use this link

@Deleted Thank you. I sincerely appreciate you going WAAY above and beyond; but, according to "Lyani" (My), "...input is valuable to us, and rest assured that this will be forwarded to our Research department to make improvements to serve you better." AND "...10 points in your account to make up the points that you missed for This or that offer." Which is almost insulting because ANYONE who does the "This or That" KNOWS you get 5 points PER (correct) answer. The issue was over three mistakes by(?) whom- or WHAT- ever made up the "ToT" (This or That) for October 7, 2021. NOT about the points.

Nonetheless, I am "over it," as the expression goes. If 'it' helps, here is the SRN: 1530181220.

That's great you got some points back, they are just customer representatives and have to work with the product team to improve. Anyways have a great day!