Am I missing something here?

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Oh, DEAR, dear, dear Bing! I am losing faith in "This or That" once again! Today's (Thurs., Oct. 07, 2021) question is:

"Which literary classic is longer?"


MY first question to this is: "Longer" HOW? In page length? By publishing date? "Longer" HOW?


Right off the bat, the choice was between "A Tale of Two Cities" and "Treasure Island." Can you guess which one I CHOSE after looking up the answer through YOUR very own search engine? No need to worry! I took screenshots. *(Please, see attachments below.) But, out of curiosity, when asking "which is longer," the idea WAS about page length, correct?


So, if "A Tale of Two Cities" has a total of 112 pages and "Treasure Island" has 292 pages, HOW did I get the answer wrong? Have I misunderstood the phrase of the question? Please advise.


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Adding two more conflicting choices of today's "This or That." Please note maybe the choices(?) should be more straightforward- at least when it comes to the "Literary Classics"- regarding issue/ year/ AUTHOR/ etc.? 


Also, I would like to add that I use the BING SEARCH to answer BING'S "This or That" question. 


(Ironically) The third time IS the charm!


This time, the choice is between "The Three Musketeers" and "The Great Gatsby."


For the record, "this" isn't about "points. "This" is about the exactitude of answer(s). I SINCERELY believe NO ONE likes having their ACCURATE response(s) labeled as wrong. 

Hi Rae_Rae,

It seems it is a bug, best to report to the rewards team as this fourm isn't moderated anymore.


HI Rae,

Nice to see you again, I had the same issue but that time was with cities in Canada, which was the capital of each province
"Rewards team?" Where/ how do I find them, please?
Don't I feel sheepish! Thank you (for the heads-up)! here you go, have a great day! It's on the very bottom of every rewards page, it says contact rewards support.


Thank you :) 



Sorry, but the link you gave goes to the Bing! Home-page, and I can only find "feedback." FTR- I have ascertained that one can only use their screenshot and not add (personal?) screenshot(s) to the "feedback." "This" makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to give the "whole picture." ESPECIALLY, when there are MULTIPLE screenshots needed. 


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@Deleted(✿◠‿◠) Thank you! You went above and beyond- and I appreciate that. Also though. I think I will continue to utilize this area to add screenshots. You know, "just in case." "Just in case" there is/ are other (upcoming) error(s) requiring multiple screenshots. I hope this will be okay.


*FYI, I am pinning your response- via my email- to the top (of my emails) so that I may have easy access to the support link you sent. Again, thank you! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Hi Rae_Rae,

The rewards team will email you, then you follow their instructions on what to do and how to attach.

It is either attach through Email or File transfer, all of this is done through Email for privacy. This thread is not really revlant.

You can attach more than one image to them just when you submit the tick ti is not, it is like replying a email.

Just make sure not to edit the subject line and have a wonderful day!


PS: They have huge number of emails, so please be patient.
All emails from them will take around 72 hours or less, . Note that some teams in Microsoft can't access 3rd paty or restricted sites.




Here is the screenshot of the contact link, 


@Deleted Please, forgive me. Perhaps I wasn't clear. I have already submitted the request and have received a reply. I find it easier to add a single copy of a/ the link(s) from one place instead of adding them again in another. Since I had already placed all the screenshots here (in the forum) as I was accumulating them, not knowing I would need to add SO many.

@Deleted  (´◡`) OH! But isn't that the "rewards redemption" page? Nonetheless, you're a sweetheart for showing me! Thank you <3 :xd:

Well you would have to upload all of those images again to them via the email thread or the file transfer link they gave you.

They can't access this page,
Wel that is the main dashboard, you scroll down and get it. Was just telling you :)

have a great day!

@Deleted Why wouldn't they be able to "access this page?" And, 'they' never gave me a "file transfer link." Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore because I believe I got my point across. Which, for the record, my point was to acknowledge the annoying way "This or That" tends to "say" an answer is incorrect when in FACT, it IS (correct). 

Nonetheless, I still thank you for all your help. (◠‿◠)

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