Adusting addresses on Bing Maps for a new community

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I recently spent a few weeks getting the streets and addresses updated and added to Google Maps for our new community. There is an online process that I tried to use back in January, but it didn't work. I had to work with an expert who in turn forwarded my requests to the Google Maps team. Once we got over an initial hurdle to name the streets correctly, I could then add addresses in their correct locations.


The good news is it seems like Bing may be getting data from Google (or it was propagated through another source) since all the addresses I added show up on Bing when I search. They did not show up a month ago. The problem is they are in the wrong locations. I've tried to go through the online process but nothing is updating and I do not receive any feedback through my account that the changes have been accepted.


I've attached composite screenshots of what both Google and Bing Maps shows. You can see where all of the Bing Maps addresses are off by around 100 feet although there are a few other addresses that are off by much more.


Any assistance is much appreciated as I'm there are businesses and individuals that use Bing Maps to route packages or themselves to our addresses.


Thank you.

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Hi Shawn,
Not a member of TomTom? Hope everything ok..

Yes, I passed the link to the GIS manager a couple days ago. All looks promising with HERE, Google and also that you mentioned TomTom will look into a better way for bulk reporting. I don't believe Apple has responded yet.

Making progress though!

Hi Michael,

I will continue to map reports though I wish to not waste my time on online discussions and focus on school and other personal things :)

have a wonderful day!

Hi Shawn,

Fedex delivered to our rental house today so I spent some time talking to the driver about our issues and it's not good.

He had 2 systems he uses.

The Fedex system which at the bottom of the screen showed the source as TomTom. None of our addresses came up in the system. The Fedex system he was using from from GroundCloud. Now, the strange thing is I just called GroundCloud and talked to a tech guy and he told me they integrate data from HERE and Google. Apparently, once it's available from HERE, it's available through groundcloud and presumabley Fedex.
Personal Apple phone. Again, Apple has no streets or addresses for the new community.

So, as of right now, that particular Fedex driver would not be able to deliver a package to the community.

Looks like Amazon uses GroundCloud (HERE, possible some Google, and possibly some TomTom) as well.

I just shared all of that with the GIS manager so hopefully we can make some progress. What a mess...


Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing, yes, it is very big mess. It is very complex to make a map as well, also the licensing, money that is spent on making it, the imagery they use and so on..

They can't copy from Google Maps as the terms of conditions forbids others to use their data to prevent competition.

It seems that the address in your new neighbourhood has been published into TomTom Maps,

Kindly use the above link to check if the address are correct, it should arrive in Bing maps when they implemented it properly so that the maps will guide you to the right place and everything works in search, maps.

Here Maps, they told me they will check with the maps team about this, though they only do quarterly map updates.

Actually, the GroundCloud will have to pay for the map updates for their fleet, it is not free.

Thank you :)

Have a wonderful day!


PS: I have noticed a lot of new parks, roads, addressing, lakes errors on my local area and it seems everything is being accepted. TomTom is very nice to provide weekly updates, so will probably see on Bing maps very soon.



Hi Michael,

Every day I see a new map update on Windows Offline Maps, it looks like they do a lot of work to get all the data processed globally.

It would take a long time when adding new pois to set up it properly, websites, phone, description, location, category and so on...


Wonderful news, it seems that the addresses in your neighbourhood has been published on Bing Maps!!!


Windows Maps has not detected the new changes though it is probably slowly rolling out to everyone :) 


Have a wonderful day!






Yes, I just looked and I see all of the addresses in their correct locations!

Unfortunately, that's not going to help Fedex :(

I think I have done all I can do and you have been extremely helpful. I'm hopeful that HERE upload link will prove useful to our county E911 GIS Manager.

I'm going to see if I can get the current residents to speak with the Fedex delivery person and show them that the addresses show up in Google (or Bing/TomTom) so the drivers can use that as a backup. Perhaps the drivers can spread the word among all of the other drivers that service the area. Maybe do the same with UPS. That might be a good workaround while the updates (hopefully) make it through the system.

I would think/hope that Fedex (and Amazon) pays some fee to GroundCloud to have timely (daily, weekly, monthly) or maybe even real-time updates on their system.

See how it works out... Maybe I'll email the GIS manager if updates haven't shown up on HERE in 2 or 3 months.

Good luck with school!

HI Michael,

It would be best if your GIS manager starts uploading data to Here and Google a few times a month, he would be able to track the status of the submissions when it is accepted.

Yes, companies will have to have timely updates to have the current maps, though the most reliable map they can use as a backup is Google.

As, there are no Bing maps on mobile,

Thank you :)

Good timing Shawn :)

I received this from our county GIS manager this morning:

"Update on the Google editor…I turned in two newer developments that didn’t show up on Google Maps last Thursday. Got an email Monday that they were under review and then got another email yesterday that they had been approved. Checked Google Maps this morning and they were already showing up. That’s a huge win for me and the county! Working on the “Here” updates now. I will continue to work on ways to improve and appreciate all the hard work and resources you’ve given me."

That's great. He's obviously excited and engaged with the process. He's also coordinating with other country GIS managers so over time, TN should be up to date in at least some of the mapping provider systems very early on in community development.

Clearly, the Google process is pretty efficient to getting bulk data into the system. Hopefully the HERE system proves to be as efficient. Once the process for those two are worked out, maybe he can focus on TomTom. As soon as I can get an UPS delivery, I'm going to talk to the driver and see what the community looks like in their system.

Thanks again for all your help!


That's wonderful news Michael!


Yes, Google maps are getting updates around the clock, though other providers will take time to fully implement it into the maps, then pass it to the companies that license it such as Bing, as well as make it all work offline too.


As well, integrate into the systems the UPS, FedEx.. uses :) 

have a wonderful day!

Wow, keep finding secret nuggets! You are the man! I'll be sure and pass that on to our GIS manager although will probably hold off so it doesn't get lost in everything else he's working on. I'm excited to see what progress he can make with HERE then hopefully TomTom. Those two would see to be the priority as far as shipping goes.

Have a great weekend!
have a wonderful day!

You're very welcome, it seems that your community is all set now :)

Hi Michael, most of the map updates I have sent to TomTom are coming very nicely and all the missing stuff has been added to Bing, within a month all reports should be all up to date on the Map :) 


It seems the Bing Maps team is working hard with new feedback options, I seen some places where it says this place has been reported by many as non-exist confirm, also new UI for feedback, you can upload photos for the business and so much more :) So exciting


have a wonderful day!


@IoTGirl Everything is settled now, thank you

HI Michael, saw your comment on the, some of the data on the map comes from OpenStreetMaps and other sources that may or not be shown on in the data source on the Map :)

There is more going on Shawn..all good, but I'm not sure what's happening since our county GIS manager won't answer my emails any more.

Shortly after (like just a few days) the GIS manager uploaded all the addresses for our community (as well as some others) into Google Maps and those addresses showed up on Google Maps, all of those addresses (with the exception of a couple) showed up on Tom Tom.

If you look at Tom Tom now, you will now see all those addresses showing up when you switch on the "Address Points" layer. All of those addresses are valid addresses and match with Google which matches what the GIS Manager uploaded. The only difference is that the Tom Tom addresses are not neatly in line like on Google. Again...those showed up just a few days after they showed up in Google.

What I don't know is if the GIS Manager worked with TomTom. I emailed him that question and he hasn't responded.

For reliable shipping, HERE is more important. Last I heard from the GIS manager, he had tried to upload using but that was 3 weeks ago. They may update all of their systems monthly or quarterly or maybe they are simply disorganized with broken processes.

UPS uses an internal "Orion" system. I went over to our local service center. I was told they access USPS address data (which is "good" since they get their data from E911) but for addresses that are not in their system they add those manually. I got an email address of someone in UPS that may have been able to help and sent them all of my information like a plat of our community showing street names and addresses and the E911 GIS contact. Heard nothing. Tried talking to a couple of angry UPS drivers who couldn't check anything in their system and seemed to really hate the system.

Anyway...I guess I have pushed that noodle as far as I can. With your help and the help from the Google Maps expert, we made a lot of progress and it's interesting to understand the overall process.

Thanks for the reply Michael, it's probably that the TomTom is automated the collecting of new address to the system, if you would like, you can report the issue to the map reporter :)

TomTom doesn't use Google data,

Thanks :)

have a good day!

HI Michael,

Just to let you know that I reported each and every address you sent me in that txt file earlier to the TomTom Mapshare, so the points may not be that lined up, you can report it to be adjusted though :)



Hi Michal, I found this on the map reporter, it seems there is some places they are getting their data from, do look into it. Also, it is aginst Google's Term and Service to copy their data to make a competitor product.





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Looks like there is 48 addresses on Tom Tom and 66 (the number of homesites in the community) on Google Maps. I sent you a file with 23 addresses, so there are now an additional 25 addresses showing up on TomTom :) I'll adjust and add as new satellite imagery is released :)