Adusting addresses on Bing Maps for a new community

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I recently spent a few weeks getting the streets and addresses updated and added to Google Maps for our new community. There is an online process that I tried to use back in January, but it didn't work. I had to work with an expert who in turn forwarded my requests to the Google Maps team. Once we got over an initial hurdle to name the streets correctly, I could then add addresses in their correct locations.


The good news is it seems like Bing may be getting data from Google (or it was propagated through another source) since all the addresses I added show up on Bing when I search. They did not show up a month ago. The problem is they are in the wrong locations. I've tried to go through the online process but nothing is updating and I do not receive any feedback through my account that the changes have been accepted.


I've attached composite screenshots of what both Google and Bing Maps shows. You can see where all of the Bing Maps addresses are off by around 100 feet although there are a few other addresses that are off by much more.


Any assistance is much appreciated as I'm there are businesses and individuals that use Bing Maps to route packages or themselves to our addresses.


Thank you.

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Hi Michael,
I apologize that you were directed away from the answers forum. The fastest way to get this into Bing Maps is to use the feedback link on You will have to enter each individually but they will then be researched for "Ground Truth" so please ensure the the municipality also has this information. Bing Maps actually does not use any Google data for our sources but rather our Partner Tomtom provides our US address data.


Thank you for the reply and for the useful information to help me direct further research and inquiries. 


Working with Google, I provided pictures and and a municipal document showing the community layout which allowed us to first get correct road names into the system then correct addresses associated with wrong street names then finally add addresses for in-progress to complete houses. Not ideal but that allows people in the neighborhood to hopefully receive packages that have been lost or delivered to a similar sounding road nearby.


No way to do that through an automated system (and I have put a couple of submissions into Bing Maps using the feedback link).


With Bing maps, all addresses seem to be in place just off by ~100 feet +- on average.


I'll research further with Tom Tom and also try finding where to verify information with the municipality.


Much Thanks


Hi Michael,

I would like to point out as IoTGirl explained that TomTom provides the base map of Bing Maps as shown in the bottom right of Bing Maps & Windows Maps!

TomTom has a map reporter where you can add addresses or fix up them or suggest edits as well as ways to submit documents as well :)

Also, you may ask assistance to get the whole area fixed, maybe a moderator there can get in touch with you with a direct contact with TomTom to fix this :)

It is likely either TomTom or a supplier that they use was informed about the new community changes that was added or it was added via another source like Openstreet Maps?

hope that helps :)

have a wonderful day!

Hi Michael,
As Shawn reminds me, you might also look into updating Open Street Maps, the worldwide open mapping platform used by many humanitarian organizations.

As assumed, the map reporter has the address you listed, it is possible to manually suggest feedback on each one though each report is anonymous. So, it's best to get in touch with the TomTom team!


Kindly note that the reports on the map will change icon when it is accepted then fixed :) 


have a wonderful day!


PS: It would be even more wonderful if your city would publish these new developments in open source data or sent to publishers like TomTom in advance.


Such as GIS dashboard...

Good idea! TomTom after accepting the report usually takes the next Monday to push the update which in turn gets sent to the Bing Maps team that implements into the Windows Maps and so on..

Which takes a bit longer to implement so that everything works. :) Open Street Maps isn't listed as a source on Bing Maps also the Vexcel Birds Eye isn't that great for showing where the houses were, so guessing they were adding the address of what they seen. Best for the city to inform them the exact coordinates of what ntos. :) 

Great that you went a step ahead and submitted a question on the forum :) I will try to help you out
Thanks all. Re: openmap Currently, openmap shows nothing for the community. No roads are drawn and no addresses will show up in search.

I added more information that may help on my TomTom forum post and now that I've investigated further on Bing, I think I see what's happening. Looks like there is a range of addresses associated with the roads and Bing, TomTom, HERE grabs that range from whatever source and lays them out along the road.

Google, for whatever reason, seems to have access to different information as they show some correct addresses (ie, in their correct location) of homes not built yet. Not all the addresses; just a few but they show no erroneous addresses. I had to add all the others.

Hi Michael,
It would be best  if you can provide all the address in the area and Bold the ones that are inaccurate, also the postal code plus the coordinates please :)

Thank you :)


PS: It would be better if you can get the City to contact TomTom , Here as well , though Here is no more a supplier for Bing.

Sounds good. I'm going to try and get a clear copy of the deed book as well as pictures of all the houses in the neighborhood then proceed with making changes on Tom Tom and see how that goes.

I put in a few changes on HERE but those haven't been approved as either. I'll give that another week then re-assess.
HI Michael,

Sounds good, just need you to click on the map where the address should be, then type in the number, postal code, there are tiny icons down where you can attach the photos!

Do you have the list of coordinates, as that is all I need, I believe you have those as you worked with the Google Maps expert.

Here Maps is not like TomTom of how long it takes to update, TomTom does weekly updates, Here does quarterly updates.

You may send appsupport @ a email if you wish to forward the address to them :)

That way that more navigation providers will have up to date info no matter if they use Bing or TomTom or Here.

The address I did find on the Google Maps that I sumbited to TomTom has been accepted, so if you provide me with the list, I can get it done for you :)
Great, Thank you! Need to run an errand but will get you those coordinates later today.
Great Michael, have a wonderful day! It would be great if we continue this discussion on the TomTom Forums as that is more appropriate. Thanks
Also, it would be great if you can suggest to your city to create a GIS system so it would be easier for others or navigation companies to be able to see all these stuff in detail. Thanks

Yes, continuing at Tom Tom forums makes sense. I just wanted to add a bit more detail on the Bing side for anyone following there as a reference if the same issue came up in the future. I'll only post there from now on.

I was able to get a clear plat and am working on a package to include the plat as well as lat longs for all addresses I added to the Google side. Should have that in an hour or so.

Thank you, I shall wait for your reply :)
Just giving an update on the situation that TomTom has accepted all the address updates, they usually issue a new map update every Monday for NDS Maps and that goes for Bing Maps, TomTom Go. Other maps like the physical navigation GPS do quarterly updates.

It would be great as well if you report the map issues to Apple or get the city as well as Apple has no address info for that new neighbourhood!
Hi Michael,

I have raised the issue to Here Maps team about the neighbourhood, they will look into it, anyways your GIS manger can use this link to upload the new data for the county.

Also, TomTom Support is coordinating with internal map team if there is a better way for bulk reporting.

It seems the map update for TomTom hasn't been released yet due to some delay I am not sure what is, though lets patinelty wait into it is rolled out in Bing Maps.

So, so far we have covered Google, Here Maps so far, also has the GIS manager got a response from Apple yet?



PS: I am no more a member of the TomTom community..