Zoom in Office Pro Plus


Any Idea Why I dont have Zoom feature in Power Point 2016. 


I have Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

Version: 16.0.6965.2084




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if you talk about PowerPoint Online the zoom option is there not available ...

If you talk about PowerPoint locally installed it should be available in the Ribbon in the View Tab or at the bottom of the application window ...

Can you post a screencapture of the PowerPoint Window?

I had O365 Pro Plus installed and I was part of Firt Release list. I had to change the settings in Admin Centre - Software Download Settings and Install Office from O365 again. 

Interesting, so you got the feature as soon as you put your client to be part of first release?

See this post ... New Zoom feature (Summary Zoom - Section Zoom - ...)  

Do I have to wait for a new update?

I am on "Current Channel" with "First Release" enabled in the admin portal. I am on Version 1610 (Build 7466.2038). But it is still not available!


As per this https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/mt465751.aspx, the "zoom" feature was released on August 16, 2016 with the Version 1607 (Build 7167.2040) in "Current Channel". And, I am on the November update in the "Current Channel", then why am I not seeing this feature?

The update channels surely are weird.


I am on the same version as you and I have Zoom enabled (finally). What helped for me is reinstalling - just downloading the installer via O365 and run it again. This of course is a "witchcraft" fix, but it worked for me. Give it a spin. I guess we have to wait for MS to fix this update channel mess.

Thanks Dennis.


As a matter of fact, I am on "First Release" under Settings > Organization Profile > Release Preferences. In fact we have the entire organisation on First Release.


Which is why this baffles me!


Per your suggestion, I shall try re-installing directly from the portal, but that shouldn't be the solution IMO. That would defeat the purpose of our ODT repository on-premise!


Finally. Got the zoom feature automagically when the Version-1612 Build-7668.2074 update was applied. Strange!

According to the Update Channel Overview page,  Current Channel releases from July to Oct 2016 should have been included in the Feb. 2017 deferred release. However, Zoom - which was added to the Current Channel in Aug 2016 according to the Channel Release page - is not included on the list of features for the Deferred Channel in Feb 2017 (even though other features from that month were included).


Anyone know why it was delayed? Will the Deferred Channel need to wait until June now? Just curious how depending the flowchart on the Update Channel Overview page will be in helping to forecast when the Deferred channel gets new features.  Thanks!