Zoho forms and 365 excel - How to escalate an issue

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I've been working on this problem for a few months now and the 365 techs just don't seem to have the knowledge base or will power to assist. Even to the point where Zoho techs have proven to me that the issues is very clearly on 365's receiving end. I'm trying to escalate the issues in hopes that i can get a 365 tech with some real skill.  The problem is that I want to integrate my zoho forms with 365 excel.  The option is clear on the Zoho end.  I have  done this previously with Google with no problems.  I have two email accounts associated with 365 one works ( the one that I'm wanting to get rid of) and the other doesn't (my main global admin). I've even tried to set up meeting with both sides to only have the 365 techs not even show up.  Zoho has even provided me with video and explanation that clearly indicates that the problem is with 365 receiving. new levels of irritation and wasted time trying to resolve this problem.

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May I confirm you are following the general Microsoft 365 support, or through CSP or EA?