Zero Config Exchange for Office 2016 and AAD machine.... Again.

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Hey all.

I'm working on one solution for my client. They have Office 2016 Pro Plus VL which is deployed via PSADT. One of the requirement is that they don't want to have any configuration for Outlook 2016. No first run experience. Just nothing. Open Outlook and start work. 

I tried to achieve it using OCT - by adding new profile and configuring zeroconfigexchange parameter using editor...  Nothing. User is asked for do the configuration. 

I tried with clean installation of office - this same issue by adding manually entries to the HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\ - this same....

I even try only with the Option from Intune and clean Install... This same issue - profile is not created automatically and user is asked to fill all data.

Accounts are synced from local AD.



I really checked don't even know how many websites about this issue.

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