Your Microsoft Ignite Office 365 Wishlist?

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Please share what you would most like to see from Microsoft Ignite with improvements and new features in Office 365? There will be raft of announcements this September centred around the Microsoft Ignite event. We can expect all sorts of things but what are you looking out for in particular?

What do you think is overdue, or has been on the roadmap for ages but is nowhere to be seen or has been voted for gazillions of times on uservoice and has yet to materialize? Are there areas in Office 365 that feel ignored or underappreciated and could do with some love? How about a major update for Office (significant changes to Office updates starts in September)?

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I'll add one, while everyone gets their thinking caps on!


A fanciful suggestion perhaps but merge the message center and the Office 365 roadmap, I'm sure I am not the first to suggest this.  I think the burden of managing Office 365 would be much reduced with a unified view of changes and upcoming features specific to each tenant.


A bonus suggestion is more assistance for customers working out the best tools to use with all the overlap and new tools being added to Office 365 all the time.  Microsoft Teams vs. Yammer vs xxx sort of thing. 

True enterprise navigation options in SharePoint (or O365)

Better co-existance with classic SP and modern SP, we have an extremely disjointed environment at the moment

Optimize how Groups actually works as a single entity instead of different fragmented flavors

Modern UI for Document Sets

Real time translations/subtitles in Skype for Business meetings/calls/messaging

Better/working menu options in modern UI SharePoint

Non-group connected options in new Stream video portal

Unified authentication experience across all applications, with token sharing. But that will require folks at Microsoft to actually start talking to each other...


Email signatures that work across devices, or the "send as alias" functionality, or other goodies that have been requesting for years now :)


I'm sure we'll get tons of new methods to migrate to Groups/Teams though :)

I need think  more about it, but at least 2 stuffs I would like to suggest: The ability of import/export contacts of the Skype for Business from one account/tenant to another, as well one filter more granular for IM content, like DLP for Skype, today if I'm not mistake or you turn on share content via IM or not to share.

Based on my own experience and requests from customers, this is my wishlist :)

Exchange Online:

  • Shared mailboxes on mobile devices
  • Central administration of company wide e-mail signatures


  • More admin control over the SharePoint home in O365 - being able to better highlight content
  • Use SharePoint site as Office365 landing page
  • Conditional formating for list and libraries
  • Being able to configure process that force user to put in file metadata
  • Push out default landing page for SharePoint mobile app
  • Configure site start page for mobile devices
  • Being able to add small icons to items in left side navigation
  • Being able to "like" modern news articles

OneDrive for business

  • Sync "Shared with me"
  • Push SharePoint libraries to automatically sync on all clients within a company
  • Show SharePoint metadata in file explorer
  • Easily move files from OneDrive to SharePoint
  • Alert user when deleting a file that is shared with others


  • Shared todo lists
  • Show flagged e-mail in ToDo


  • Company templates to show when Office applications starts
  • Company quick parts in all Office applications
  • Move several folders at the same time Outlook
  • Improve the "save as" and "open" experience for users - it's very confusing for many end users. Trying to find a specific SharePoint library is not very intuitive.


  • Improve the chat experience in general. Or just merge Skype for bussiness with Teams....


  • More and better integration between Windows 10 and Office 365
  • Remote support with Office 365 administrator (if device is enrolled in Azure AD)
  • Decrease the number of times a user has to sign in


  • Similar feature but for booking internal resources within the company

I'm with the Vasil. Let's get the basics that has been asked for years. 

1. Send As any proxy address on your mailbox.

2. Universal Signatures.

3. Universal Reminders. ( My own personal quest!)


I also want a better way to move items in the online archive to the primay mailbox once it has been moved to 365 from on-prem. Example:


LOVE the idea of universal reminders.

I'd like to see the option to change the default font in Word Online. My employer has a corporate standard to use Arial, so its a pain to have to change it for every new document.

Thanks for these awesome suggestions/ideas, great crowdsourcing!  Let's keep it going, what else can't you wait to see announced or something you think we should have had by now, Office 365 feature wise?


Just to add, a nice article well worth a read by @Matt Soseman, that shows how product feedback can shape the Office 365 roadmap, especially through the related UserVoice sites - Participating in product feedback loops, and understanding roadmaps.

I appreciate ToDo. A great, albeit minor, improvement would be if MyDay items would auto-migrate to the bottom of the list when checked-off.

You out an old thread to life 2 ignites later :)

A lot is Going on with todo right now though! Better integration with outlook for example!
I think the beta program is still open for registration also!


@Cian Allner 


I would love to be able to have an area like All and Unread where I can have messages from certain people that I choose to appear on this tab. This would allow me to focus on requests from my team that may need more urgent attention while not getting distracted by other emails. I have tried sending them to a folder but it just doesn't work for me. I do send my non company email using a rule to a To Read folder which helps me a lot. I also changed the text color for certain people but having them in one place in my in box would work better for me.