Your help needed to improve Microsoft's IT infrastructure-focused remote worker content

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The Empower Remote Workers with Microsoft 365 solution content tells IT professionals like yourselves how to deploy various on-premises and cloud-based apps to support your remote workers. It was published earlier this year in response to the initial reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. We took a step-by-step approach with enumerated results as a roadmap for success.






We need your help to review the content and make sure it’s still relevant to today’s organizations.


REQUEST: Please take a few minutes to look over this content and tell us what we can do to improve it.


Note that you don't need to do a line-by-line read-through (unless you want to). I’m more interested in your overall impressions on its organization, completeness, and utility to IT professionals like yourselves.


Please leave your feedback as a reply to this discussion.


Thanks so much for your time and help!


Joe Davies

Senior Technical Writer at Microsoft

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@Joe Davies 

Thank you for sharing these valuable contents.

May I request to add description about setup VPN and BranchCache?

One challenge for IT professional is the process of the case when they lost their phone or it has been stolen and they couldn't use MFA. 

I already shared an article , which is How to Dealt with Stolen or Lost Devices Connected to the Azure AD? (