Wrong setup cause two email boxes

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In our company, we partially implement the O365 service. For example the email, some employees use the O365 exchange on line, and the others use the on premise exchange.


This week, in order to let some more people use the Teams for arranging the web meeting, we grant the E1 license to some more users. But we did not enable the exchange on line for them because they are not allow to use the cloud email due to some reasons. After that, the new O365 users found that they can use the Teams but there is no Calendar APP in the Teams, it causes that they cannot schedule the web meeting from Teams.


In order to solve the problem above, we enable the exchange online feature on the O365 for them and the Calendar APP shown. BUT, things went wrong for their email service then.

As I said in the beginning , we partially implement the O365 in my company. Ror these Teams only new users, we do not transfer their email to the cloud. But not the problem is that, if an on premise user send email to them, the email will be deliver to the on premise exchange server and they can receive these emails from their Outlook client. But if an O365 send the email to them, the email will goes into their cloud email box and then cannot receive it.


In order to solve the two email boxes problem, my idea is that to move the cloud email to the on premise? exchange server and disable the exchange on line but I do not know how to do that. I cannot find a way to move their cloud email to the local mail server. Can anyone give me a suggestion please, your kindly will be highly appreciate.


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