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Hello everyone,


I have the following problem in my organization.

We have a user who has changed the profile photo in M365, but it does not change in the rich office client M365 with Excel Word and PowerPoint, it was already 6 days ago.

Do you have any idea what I can do. The Win10 client is a hybrid join Device and in MS Outlook it has changed the new Photo but in the other office Applications not?

Ideas are very welcome and appreciated. Many Thanks



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Hello @romanmensch,


Did you try changing Profile picture from OWA? Also, may I know from where you tried changing Profile picture in M365?


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Surya Pammi

Hello @Surya_Pammi

The profile photo has been changed on the web. A link leads there e.g. from Excel. Change Picture -> to Delve https://delve.office.com/. Do you think it would make a difference in the OWA? In the Outlook 365 local client there he would have changed it automaticaly. But if you connect e.g. without VPN, only the initials come in Excel and with VPN company network the old picture appears in the Excel. However, this only applies locally to Office in the products PowerPoint, Excel and Word. We even provided the user with a new computer and unfortunately the same problem.

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The user informed us via OWA, and she swapped the profile picture last week. Today she checked it again and now the old profile picture suddenly appears in local Outlook. Do you have any other ideas?

Hello @romanmensch ,


As mentioned you are using win 10 device is hybrid join device, please check if this device is listed in Azure AD under User. Also please try this command to update the photo and check. But this is helpful for one single user, let us see if this works. 


Note: Run as Administrator

$ADphoto = [byte[]](Get-Content <path to Photo> -Encoding byte)
Set-ADUser <username> -Replace @{thumbnailPhoto=$ADphoto}


Thanks & Regards,

Surya Pammi

Thank you very much for the quick reply. We are currently checking which photo is stored in the on prem AD. The device is stored as a hybrid join device under the user name in Azure AD. In Azure under the username is the correct photo but in onprem AD... we will check that..