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According to Microsoft, if I store a file (Word or Excel) on my iPad, I can open, edit and save that document locally when offline. However when I try to do this, I get a message across the top of the document asking me to sign in if I want to edit. So working offline is impossible despite assurances to the contrary.
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Hi @PaulAus1957,
Even for being able to edit and save locally you will have to sign in first, and it is a one-time process. Once you are signed in in the Microsoft word or excel app on your iPad then you can edit and save locally anytime offline.

Signing in is just a part of initial setting up.
Have tried that, signed in first. But when I try to open the same document, offline, it still says I have to sign in. Something is not right.
Hi @PaulAus1957,
Are you opening the file on web or on the Microsoft word application?
Open in the Word app.
Hi @PaulAus1957,
When you open the Word app offline does it stay signed in or it gets signed out?
Signed out. To test using it offline, I turn off the wifi. Then open the Word document in the app.
Oddly enough, my wife also has an iPad but she has no problems opening editing and saving documents when offline. She shares my 365 subscription.
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Then, I guess I can't be of much help. For least, try if any of these might help:
a) Clear cache of the word app.
b) Reset the app
c) Reinstall the app

As the issue is happening with both Word and Excel, I think this might be a bug.
Deleting and reinstalling the two apps has fixed the problem, thank you.