Word spellchecking not working when embedding word as OLE object

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I have been using word as an embeddable OLE object in my subtitling application since word 2003 and it has worked fine all the way up to 2021 where Microsoft broke compatability and i had to add support for high dpi in my applications manifest file, but then everything was working again.

Until the new office 365 word application came out, now it will still embed fine however it is impossible to activate the spellchecker, which was working fine in office 2021, and it can only be activated when selecting not to embed word in my application but still use it as an OLE object. So when Word is running side by side with my application, then it is working again.

However embedding Word and using spellchecking is not working, which is very annoying that something that has worked relatively fine in 20 years is broken now, so any ideas?



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