Word not responding after 30 seconds, all accounts and devices connected to office 365.

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We use an office 365 for business subscription on my work with two accounts with shared documents on One Drive. Since yesterday every time I or my colleague open a word file that is stored on the One Drive it is fine for 20 seconds and then freezes and gives the 'Not responding' message. I have repaired office with online connection without success and I have no idea what is wrong with it.

Anybody run into similar issues or know how to fix this?

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does it just affect Word files, or Excel / PowerPoint as well? Are you and your colleague in the same location, using the same internet connection?


I have had similar issues with Excel only since the weekend with very slow response times. I more often than not have to switch off my internet connection to open the file locally to be able to work on it.


The other extremely bizarre issue is all my CHARTS saved as SHEETS (not charts in worksheets) have corrupted and the only way to get them back is to open them in OpenSource, then reopen in Excel and then resave them as XLS. However, doing this it converts all the charts back to the original chart (ie not as separate tabs). As soon as I move the graph/chart back to a separate TAB the charts corrupt again.


I have unsynced my OneDrive, repaired files and also did a clean install of Office 365 to no avail.


Bizarrely the files open perfectly on other people's PCs.



Did you try repairing Office ..?




Ronie Nishad