Word not printing specific image across many documents

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We have a company logo on a document that we have used now for a very long time.


It appears twice on the word document put suddenly the image is now not being printed, it shows on print preview, but is not printed.


If you copy the image into a new page it still doesn't print.


If you copy it to excel it will print.


If you print to pdf image is still not printed but test over the image is?


Every document with this image no does not print the image when you open it, this is happening on across all machines and seems to be limited to Word.


Is there something that will restrict this image printing  


Any help is appreciated 

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We had the same problem yesterday - all the PCs in the office. Most of the computers have been updated with the latest build 17628.20144 - from 19/06/2024, 2 computers have the older build - from 11/06/2024. Today everything works fine. What a mystery!

Just check if this problem still persists.


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@TeodoRR thank you for the response.


No issue is still present.