WORD: Need page # to go in table, that is in the footer.

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Good afternoon everyone,

I am working on drawing instructions at my work, and cannot change the format of the footer.  I would like to get the page number to work so that I can create a legitimate Table of Contents that have links going to all my headers with proper page number.  The issue I am having is that the footer contains a table as part of the required format, and I cannot change it or delete it.  Please see the picture, highlighted in yellow is where I need the page numbers to reside.  All help is greatly appreciated, this is a very large document and will take days, maybe weeks, to create hyperlinks, while also typing each page number in if needs done manually.


Footer with Table.jpg



Jesse Allaway

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Just figured this out on my own, using the "Current Position" on the page number drop down... Not sure how to remove this post, or it may be useful to others so I guess I can leave it up.