word lost its format

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Help!! While typing in word.. suddenly everything went bonkers.. like the menu appeared in the text and  nothing was comprehensible.  what worked was rebooting.. but then it happened again!!!! This time what worked was going out and coming back in.

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Hi @Griggy320,
Duo to lack of details I'll try to guess according to previous cases.
Do you have any additional language pack installed ?
If the answer is yes please try to uninstall the additional language.

You could always try to fix office or install a new clean installation of Office 365.


thanks for the quick reply. I do not have other languages.. but now that I think about it.. could using the dictating option (I did that a week ago) be the culprit? 

I can reinstall word.. is that easy to do? perhaps there is a document on how to do this.. Also, I will try to recreate it today. and send a screen grab. It occurred yesterday as I was typing the entire day. Before I reinstall, I will redo this .. thanks much, Griggy