Word issue - scroll bar glitch while dragging, dropdown menus in Account glitching and can't select

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I'm having a terribly annoying issue with Microsoft Word, which is part of my 365 subscription.


When I try to drag the scroll bar, it glitches and does not move up or down, unless I very carefully keep it between the edges of the bar.


When I try to update the application in my Account settings, I can't select Update Now in the drop down menu under Product information. It disappears too quickly and does not stay put so I can click the box.


There seems to be something making features of the application "blink" so that items do not take effect when clicked or dragged. That's all I can come up with.


Can someone help?

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@RickyGeeDee123 Hi, I will assist you to solve the problem, please kindly follow step by step instructions:

  1. Update Graphics Driver
    1. Right click on start menu
    2. selected Device manager
    3. selected Display adapter
    4. selected the appeared graphics card name
    5. click on it and selected uninstalled 
    6. Note: Don't panic your screen will go blackout for 5 seconds and come back
    7. Check if problem solve or not by opening word
    8. If not please move to method No.2
  2. Disable Hardware Acceleration (Registry Edit):
    1. Close all Office apps.
    2. Press Win+R to open the Registry Editor.
    3. Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\
    4. If you don’t see a folder named “Graphics,” create it.
    5. Inside the “Graphics” folder, create a DWORD (32-bit) value named DisableHardwareAcceleration and set its value to 1.
    6.  Restart Pc
    7.  Reopen your Office apps and check if the issue persists.

Thank you If any problem still then reply to me 


@mr_aryalcode444 Hi, thanks for the reply. I have two display adapters - AMD and Nvidia. I believe the Nvidia card in the one used for gaming. Which one should I delete? Or should I delete them both?



Please try to disable hardware graphics acceleration:


Go to File > Options > Advanced > Display. - Check the box that says "Disable hardware graphics acceleration

@RickyGeeDee123 , Yes Both, please do it, it won't affected anything. It will just be uninstalled the currented driver and your pc will black out to installed current version driver. This way it will troubleshoot problem.

Please don't hesitated to ask problem. Thankyou