Word caption numbering is reverting to incorrect number every time a new caption is added

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Hi all,


So I'm writing a document that contains a lot of tables. I am captioning them and the auto-numbering based on H1 numbering is working well.


However, I also have tables in my Appendix, which use a different style for the headings: "Appendix H1".

My tables within the Appendix default to continuing H1 numbering. I am able to manually change the field to use the style ref of Appendix H1 instead, and I have ticked the box to preserve formatting during updates (see below)Word_Caption_styles.png


But whenever I add a new caption anywhere in the document, all the Appendix captions update and revert to using the H1 numbering.


I've made a separate caption style for the Appendix captions, but I can't find how to permanently change the numbering reference to be Appendix H1.


How do I permanently assign Appendix H1 as the field code?

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