WIP (Windows Information Protection /w MDM) is Breaking Office 2019 Activation

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Greetings Everyone!


I am hoping to get some help with an issue regarding WIP and Office 2019. We are a healthcare company that is attempting to increase employee data access while keeping that data safe. WIP /w MDM seems to be a pretty good fit to what we are looking for and I've had only minor issues in setting up and testing the policies.


The primary issue I am experiencing is that when opening a protected document "File Ownership = Work" in Excel or Word, it becomes read-only and is asking for me to "Activate Office to gain full access to your work files".


Activate Office - After Click.PNG

When I click activate, it completely breaks my Office install and I have to completely re-install it to gain activation again. I have tried disabling the WIP policy, which removes the "work/personal" protection options, but Office remains un-activated and broken until re-install.


Is there an option, boundary, or setting I am missing on either my client side or on the MDM side?


Any help out would be grand!


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Never seen this one before, you have the same issue on several devices?

@Pontus Själander 


I've only pushed the policy to my PC for testing before I loop other people into it. I don't have any other Intune enrolled devices that I can test on. You know, work from home! If I was able to work from the office I'd just setup a few more test cases.