Windows Defender ATP for M365 E3

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Is there a work-around in Deploying Windows Defender ATP on an M365 E3 license, or this is only available on E5 at the moment?





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You can add the ”identity and threat protection “ add on to E3 which gives you this and some other features! Read more here:

@Jabulani_15 Hi, the requirements are listed here, if you haven't seen it already including Windows 10 Enterprise E5:

@Jabulani_15 You'll need to buy Microsoft 365 E5 Security add-on, it's £9 in the UK on top of Office 365 E3 licences. And you still need Intune for £4.50 - how clever is that! Thanks, Microsoft.

Thanks @adam deltinger for your response. Ye so far that looks like the best option available.

Thanks @KrisDeb 

@Cian Allner Thanks. Is the a cost involved for the storage of the data once you have chosen the location? I havent seen anything relating to cost being mentioned in the articles I have gone through so far.

@KrisDeb I've tried to find any documentation that showed that this was supported as a combination, but I cannot find it.  Can you confirm that this works?

Look for E5 Security column. And as I said, Intune is not included in both Office E3 or this E5 Security add-on and it's a shame - with Intune included I could recommend the package for SMBs.