Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Upgrade - How?

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Can someone please provide details on how to actually carry out the Windows 7 Professional upgrade to Windows 10 Professional as when i run the Upgrade Wizard from the Admin Portal, i get told that the License Key cannot be validated. The Windows 7 install is genuine and even says so...

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Hello - I ran into the exact same issue - working with MS Tech Support - will know more on Monday and if the problem is fixed I shall post back here.  Basically I was told that the Win10 upgrade could not read the previous product key in the firmware for Windows 7 - not an issue in Windows 8.  Keep you posted!

Thanks Tammy, did you get anywhere with MS Support?

I ended up visiting the user locally and installing as a clean Windows 10 install. It activated upon installation, but required a 4 hour round trip to do...

Hi there...apologies for the delay in posting/replying...been quite busy since returning from a business trip.


Okay so yes - MS had me do the following and it worked just fine!  Probably won't need again but was handy for that machine - hopefully will save you from another 4 hour round trip!


  • Start upgrade via the website
  • When prompted create installation media and download ISO
  • Extract ISO and copy EI.cfg to the “Sources” folder
  • Start upgrade

This is required as the upgrade can’t read previous product key in the firmware – this is not a problem with a Windows 8 upgrade




Hi there


You may also want to have a read of this article which may help in terms of licensing switch over to Windows 10.


Good luck!




Thanks for the reply, will be giving this a god in the next few days and will report success/failure back.