Windows 7 OneDrive workaround, using a local network with one or more Win 10 PCs.

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If you happen to have one or more Win 7 Pro work stations that have lost reliable synchronization with OneDrive, and you are in a local network with Win 10/11 PCs, try this simple workaround.  You may or may not be planning to phase out, or continue to use your Win 7 PCs because of a vital piece of software, etc..

A few simple steps for one folder:

1. Create a new folder in OneDrive(or use an existing folder) for the files or other folders you previously used from from the Win 7 PC.

2.  Share the OneDrive folder (from file explorer in Win 10) for Everyone with Read/Write access.  Right-click, Properties, Sharing. Leave the last dialog open to view the full network path.

3.  In the Win 7 PC, open file explorer, find Computer in the left pane.  Right-click Computer, select Map Network Drive. 

4. Input the full network path displayed on your Win 10 PC.

You now have access to this fully OneDrive synced folder from your Win 7 PC. 

So using this, I just transferred a large group of files that were primarily used on the WIN 7 PC, but stopped syncing.  We then pointed the Win 7 PC apps still needing this data access to the new mapped network drive letter, now shown like another Drive in the Computer view.  


We are phasing out our Win 7 PCs but needed a bit more time.


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