Windows 10 desktop listed in the built-in Office 365 MDM

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A Windows 10 desktop is listed in the built-in Office 365 business premium Mobile Device Manager. I can not delete it or do something else at the MDM whit this device either. Can someone tell me how this is possible and more importent how I can remove this divece from the MDM?




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Does nobody have an idea?



There is a lot of information that you have not provided which makes it hard for anyone to respond.


Even a screenshot would help.


But it would help to know the basics:

  • What kind of subscription do you have
  • How many devices/users licensed vs how many are impacted -- 1 out of 1,000 vs 1 out of 3 vs you only have 1 device
  • Is this a personally owned device or a corporate owned device
  • What is the OS involved? Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro etc, or iOS 8, or android 7
  • When the problem start, is this a  new device?
  • What is "wrong"  --- in your case why is it a problem that the device is showing up there?


Hi Neil,


Apologies for sharing limited information. Here are more details:


  • I have one subscription with a office 365 business premium licence.
  • I have also one admin account.
  • I use multiple desktops and IOS devices for the Office user.
  • The IOS devices are good in built-in Office 365 MDM.
  • But there is also one desktop listed in the MDM. This is the desktop with which I have set Office 365 MDM. The desktop runs on windows 10 Pro. I can not remove this desktop and do not perform any other actions as well.
  • It is not really a big problem, but I assumed that desktops are not included in MDM. I wonder how this is possible and whether it can do any harm. 






Although "MDM" stands for Mobile Device Management" - Windows 10, especially current builds 1703+ can also be managed this way.


Right now with the currently released version of Windows 10 its a bit like a lite version of Group Policy in a domain joined computer.


Basically the computer pulls down "Policies" from cloud that can control things like Does Edge browser show the "FirstRun" behavior all the way to "OMG My computer was stolen and I need to remote-wipe the data".


So the fact that computer is showing up in the MDM console is actually a good thing.. :)


To learn what/how to do windows 10 management as a MDM device search for "Intune Windows 10 MDM modern" -- that should find some good starting articles.


Good luck!