Why office outlook 365 and outlook mail sucks terribly and worst emails in the whole wide world?

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It was so painful to say the truth but 365 emails sucks awfully. I will list down everything below.


It is too slow and buttons are most of the time unresponsive. 

Emails are lost when viewing in browser.

Both UI and UX makes the email system more complex and confusing.

It's so beautiful but it's nearly useless when talking about efficiency.

The good thing is only calendar feature.

In outlook email, people suffer the birthday reminders which they cannot unsubscribe.

And so many tons of bugs and pains I forget to mention.

Now it is telling me "Session Expired" everytime after I log in.

My colleagues also have the same problem.


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It's absolutely terrible!! I'm so po'd because Microsoft's promotion materials said that Office 365 versions of the apps were "Premium" versions. Premium??? If they were being honest they would have said "watered down versions". In Outlook for 365 you can't search for related emails, if you choose to have copies of sent emails save in the folder they were originated from they save at the top without showing a date (so they don't display in sequential order with the rest of the conversation), you can't "edit" a sent email to add notes, you can't ""Add Item" (i.e. attach another email) except via a rudimentary process of first forwarding the other email as an attachment and then copy it to the other email you want to attach it to...assuming you need to attach multiple prior emails. Those are just 4 that immediately jump to mind. And don't even get me started on OneDrive!! Let me guess, I suppose Microsoft won't apply the annual purchase price of 365 to a desktop version? And even if they did you'd be paying their MSRP price instead of the market price. I could not possibly hate Microsoft more right now!

@Saw Shine Moe 

There is NO reason whatsoever for Outlook 365 to be such a terrible mess. Microsoft should just get out of the email business, since they obviously can't create a stable version of this piece of crap.

Well, after past 2.5y with doing office work by using Apps from Office 365, I hardly do have problems to recognize your problems as in my gate. I'm using e-mail office part installed in 3 different PC now for past 2.5y, no and I'm happy in 95 % of all working executable by O365 Apps. My 5% down distrust of the O365 suite is poor user experience of Cortina that does not work under Outllok O365 with associated search function. Error "Something went wrong" and that's it. It is a hopeless situation where even pro Microsoft gives up in the troubleshoot, ask me to completely reinstall WIN10_64! Such answers they suck, you ask me. Beyond these 5% with little satisfaction, the O365 system works. Good luck!

Just more evidence that Microsoft is an inept POS company. Over bloated GARBAGE PRODUCT that never works, too many revisions, difficult to navigate, crashing, slow, etc.. Complete and utter embarrassing product. 

Keep it up Microshaft, the community has moved on to better, free products. 

Outlook is a royal pain. I've tried setting it up multiple times over multiple years without success. I try every once in a while if I figure that I haven't been super PO'd for some time. Gotta get my PO dosage every so often! That's why I use Mozilla Thunderbird. At least I can set that up the first time I try as it pretty much does everything all by its lonesome. (But then Microsoft generally is a pain.) @Saw Shine Moe 

@Saw Shine Moe 


my sent emails in my sent folder have a paper clip on them when there is no attachment. Outlook 365 does it where there is a signature graphic in the email chain. This is very unfortunate as I cannot tell which emails have a true attachment on them. I have to open them all to find the attachment I am looking for!!!!!


How can it be fixed?

Please Help me change my mind@adam deltinger ; I will only brush the surface of this nightmare...

Let's start with basic UI, (if someone is using browser version of outlook)

So where's the navigation menus?.. You know if using a keyboard, press alt key and you get menus like : File, edit, etc.. For those persons without an art degree?... you know, to decipher what the icons mean..

*Also, By The Way, (BTW) I AM a Technician, who supports the actual users, who may have no clue (so much fun for me)

I have had people stuck in a "view" without ANY method to return it to normal view without the FEAR of losing all of their work...

So if you have no mouse, it is USELESS at that point unless you have a solution



I agree .  The new outlook is a major step back.  Looks amateurish not professional as on the prior version.  Does not seem to have any input from their users.  Considering dropping the email service and using some other service.  Huge disappointment on this product release.  Expected better.

It still sucks, big time. You may be too young, but Outlook Express was the best they ever offered, and it has been all downhill since they stopped offering it. 365 sucks in so many ways that it's difficult to list.

The first clue is that MS actually lists reg edit fixes to change options as simple as a scroll bar width or colors. Really MS? No GUI for a featuref you always had in an easily-configurable GUI? We are all supposed to see colors and sizes your way, or the hugely useless "accessible" way? I can give IT a heart attack by going into reg edit, and multiple other sites help with that as well.

That's just viewing options.

RIBBON - Omg, what Sesame Street grad created that awful monstrosity? The ribbon is so useless, it's best to permanently hide it, and customize the mini-ribbon. Caution, if you hide the main ribbon, keyboard shortcuts change (MS: "Surprise, Suckers!").

365 - Built "up" from a home-based non-business model focused on multi-media-for-profit, it left professional users fending for themselves for solutions. Unlike you, MS, most of us need to WORK at WORK, not play with real-estate-grabbing and largely useless toy icons.

I could go on and on, but need to GET WORK-AROUNDs done while forced to use this, in my opinion, inferior business product.
What part of "sucks" is so difficult to understand. The issues were highlighted very plainly.
1. Mine keeps locking up as typing an email
2. Keystrokes stop responding while I'm typing an email. then it must be forced to close outlook and re-start; and this always doesn't work
3. It appears to be looking out in the Microsoft world for instructions to do something.
4. Outlook will not work if I am using a VPN
5. Message in all bullet items "Outlook Not Responding"

@Saw Shine Moe for some strange reason Exchange and Outlook are basically the same since 30 years. Additionally, they never really integrated with the other MS products, starting with Sharepoint thru Office, Dynamics etc. I really do not understand, why Outlook never changed its old fashioned design and foremost their filtering technology. Every worldwide Enterprise user has personally far nicer and smarter email clients on their PCs, tablets or smartphones. I do not understand why MS is trying to become Nr 1 in chat, videoconferencing, data sharing, while the most used communication technology is kept like a dinosaur.  

Ok how about, please make this product not suck, is that better, (change everything).

@adam deltinger 

I have been trying to get my email margin default to be .2 left and 2.0 right. I've clicked Default for ALL documents probably 500 times and it still goes back to zero. I've had their tech support IN MY COMPUTER SET IT UP. NEXT TIME I OPEN IT - tah dah - same exact thing no .2 on the left just back to zero as always. Folder pane changes all the time. All by itself. 3-4 X / day I have to reset it. I would do anything to leave MS. I just hate it. And I liked having Word on my computer not as a subscription. Then stuff I changed to default STAYED that way. hate microsoft hate microsoft hate microsoft Let me count the ways

There is an awful lot of traffic on a plethora of forums about how slow, unreliable and buggy Outlook is. There are a few things we have to consider, to put this into some perspective:
1. It has been Microsoft's long term objective, for a few years now, to focus on it's cloud based systems. This has manifested itself in the majority of resources going into the development of their MS 365 ecosystem.
2. The desktop, as far as Microsoft is concerned is only a legacy environment. This is why Windows 10 development has has been focussed on only two things. Driving hooks into the MS 365 ecosystem and window dressing, to give them some shiny new things to Wow! about.
3. To the end of both of the above, the Office installable apps have slowly had dev time removed, resulting in the UI, functionality, speed and reliability all declining. Death by a million tiny cuts is what we are witnessing.
Microsoft are shepherding us all towards an always online and always paying existence. This is the new computing paradigm, Microsoft are just doing as they always do and innovating poorly whilst failing to let go of decades of baggage.

@Angel Castillo 

I wish I hadn't reinstalled Win10. Then I would have the Outlook that works.


I have three problems with Outlook, so far.

1. Can't keep my folders always displayed. I click o more and there is no pin to keep them displayed.

2. Can't move or copy emails to a document folder.

3. Where is my address book? I found their email addresses under people but what good does that do?

There is an old saying...If it's not broken, don't fix it. They fixed it and broke it.

I am going to use and open source email program.

I don't expect Microsoft to fix outlook. As long as people pay for 365 they are happy.

1. Can’t keep folder permanently displayed. No pin appears when I click on “more”.
2. Can’t move or copy emails to a document folder.
3. No address book. There is a list of my contacts under “people:” but what good is that?
The outlook I downloaded Saturday 18 Dec 2021 along with Office 365 to my newly reinstalled Windows 10 is TOTALLY USELESS.

@Saw Shine Moe   Agree - Outlook is horrible.  For my profession, I must draft lengthily emails.  I like to print them so I can read, edit and review them.  When I first switched to 365 Outlook I couldn't print a draft email.  Then it seemed to get fixed, and has been fine for about a year or so.  Now, all of sudden, I can't print a draft email anymore.  Right at the beginning of tax season - just what I need!  Great.  I tell clients all the time - Office 365 is terrible.  Especially Outlook - this is one HUGE reason.

I have had nothing but problems with my emails since Outlook was updated. At first I thought my emails were being censored. I have SPECTRUM as my internet provider and my emails in and out passing through Outlook. Over the past month, a big majority of my emails were not received. I called SPECTRUM and the tech worked with me for an hour to resolve the issue. He had me email myself through my SPECTRUM web-mail. I did. It came back okay, Then I tried emailing myself through outlook and it never returned. So it was determined it was Microsoft's problem. I even sent email through Outlook to my Yahoo email and it never got there. Microsoft should have left the last version as is. I never had any problem before. And trying to get technical support is like me trying to get a hold of Bill Gates, which will never happen. I hope I find, which I thank there still is, another word processing program the will serve me better then what Microsoft ts doing. IF ITS NOT BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!

@Saw Shine Moe i aint gonna lie even the free mail is better than this POS. in 365 word, presentation all of that is good but when you go to this BS its a different story I get sign in emails 24-7 when I'm signed in and I cant delete accounts or add accounts over all dogshit