Why is manager getting this email.. "FW: Final Notice: Joe Blogg's OneDrive for Business contents"

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We have office 365 accounts which in which our identity is synced from our AD. Just as this account I'm posting from is.

My managers manager got the email below. Any ideas why?



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Usually, these emails are sent when a user account was deactivated/deleted/licence unassigned and their manager gets notified with an opportunity to save their files before they are deleted. 


@Oliver McErlane This has more details - OneDrive for Business retention and deletion including:


If the Manager field is populated for the deleted account, the manager will receive an email message that states that the site will be removed after the retention period expires, and that access to the site is granted to the manager.


Seven days before the retention period expires, a second email message will be sent to the manager or secondary owner that states that the site will be deleted in seven days.


After seven days, the profile for the deleted account is deleted from the user profile service.



I have an Office 365 user who has been blocked for sign in and his manager gets the email notification stating the same as above BUT when I go to Office 365 Admin portal and checked his user account and found that OneDrive Business portal is not provisioned for the blocked user.


If user has not being used or provisioned OneDrive, why does email notification sent to his manager? and is email trigger checking before sending these notification whether the user really have provisioned OneDrive site?




none of the above happened and we are seeing several managers receiving these.

I thought the first email that was sent was the 30-day email?

Any advice on troubleshooting why these accounts are sending out this email notification to their managers?

@Eric Adler Any word as to why you got all the emails?


I have a manager that received the 30 day email.  The employee was re-instated but they then received the 7 day deletion email warning?



apparently, switching off "Access delegation" will remove these mails. However i have just set this setting and wont know if it will work till managers stop complaining about these mails.



The issue for us is that its panicking clueless managers. We already have a proceedure in IT for backing up peoples onedrive files, so this message unnecessarily freaks out managers for no reason as they feel they have to do something about it. Well that something is send me urgent emails about something i already did...

yes. the issue was accounts were created wrong and rebuilt. often it was a case of name was misspelled.

it is odd that someone that was reinstated would receive the notification.

For fyi - Per Microsoft, the notified email is only sent when an user acct is deleted and not disabling/blocking/unlicensing an user ..

"The retention period for cleanup of OneDrive begins when a user account is deleted from Azure Active Directory. No other action will cause the cleanup process to occur, including blocking the user from signing in or removing the user's license."
ref: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/onedrive/retention-and-deletion?redirectSourcePath=%252farticle%252...