Why Doesn't OneNote Allow File Attachment Icons to Be Placed Beside Each other?

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I inserted two file attachments into a page in OneNote and for some reason, OneNote will not let me move the two file attachments that I inserted side-by-side. It wants each file attachment to be below the other. If I try to drag the file attachment underneath up to be to the right of the file attachment above it, OneNote moves the file attachment on top to the bottom of the file attachment I just dragged up. This auto arranging of file attachments ends up taking up unnecessary space. Is there a setting I can change or a workaround for this?



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Hey @JBLT-77 


Not sure if it is the Onenote version you are using, or if it is an issue with OneNote desktop application. I am using 'Onenote for windows 10 app' and am able to align them side by side :




One note tries to insert a file wherever your mouse pointer is, so you can try clicking next to the first file you upload and see if it uploads the file where you want.



@harveer singh I am currently using the Office 365 version of OneNote.   I'm not able to find the OneNote for Windows 10 app in the Microsoft store.  Perhaps it's because I'm on Windows 11.  I'm currently on the latest build of OneNote for Microsoft 365.



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Unfortunately i don't have my win 11 machine setup yet, i did however try it on 2210 version of Office 365 onenote and seems to work fine on windows 10.

 As a workaround, you can insert a table first and then insert files into each column.







@harveer singh Thanks I will try that workaround as well as see if microsoft tech support can tell me why onenote is arranging file attachments the way it is.