Why can't I assign licenses to every groups created using MS/Office 365 Admin center?

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For example: Group A made using MS 365 Admin Center. Group B made using Azure AD Admin Center.

When assigning group license, admin can only assign license to a group in Azure AD Admin Center. Then, I tried assigning license to Group A, but I can't see them on the list of users/groups available for license assignment. However, Group B there's no problem assigning licenses to it.
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License can be applied for only security groups or security enabled Microsoft 365 (Unified) groups. In my recent test, the M365 group created from Azure AD Portal is created as security enabled group, but the group created from M365 Admin center is created without security enabled. So, this might be the problem for your case too, If you are facing problem with M365 group, then check Security Enabled field for the problematic group from Azure AD portal.




You can also check this article :

I marked your answer because this might be the best observation I have seen and might really be the case.

However, that is very inconvenient. Microsoft should've put some option to enable security for MS 365. I tried creating new Mail-enabled security and Security groups using MS 365 Admin Center and they are available for group licensing. It baffles me that they don't include the MS 365 group to be just like that.

If it's for security, they should at least make that option clickable if the user logged on is a Global Admin. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, I think I'll just use the User Template because it seems much better than assigning in groups. Because even if users are in that group, some of them sometimes won't need those licenses anyway.

For example, Manager A is inside the department/group, most of the time his/her license should be different than Employee A.

Anyway, thank you @kevin!