Whiteboard works extremely slow

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Hi all,

Has anybody any clue how to analyze the Whiteboard behaviour? Tested the share with my collegue and that was slllllloooooooowwwwwwww....


When I draw a line it came a visibile on other site, starting slooooww..., then suddenly part of the line appeared like flash, and then last part came again sllllooooowww.


Anybody have an idea from where to start looking for?

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I agree, it's so slow at to be unusable.

@Petri-X  I do love whiteboard...but it does seem like whiteboard can't handle a lot of files. Loading lots of whiteboard files seem to slow it down. When I delete several it responds faster. Maybe it is syncing them on a server in a background process?

Perhaps using async methods could speed up the front end while the backend does its work?

It seems slow for loading and deletion of whiteboard files.


Do you know when to get sad? When you looking for other solutions like: It's time for Miro

Hi @Petri-X,

With Whiteboard I am sure that the product team would be interested in such feedback in order to improve the performance. Looking into the documentation


You can send feedback directly to the Microsoft Whiteboard team by tapping the Settings button and choosing Send Feedback. This will open the Microsoft Feedback hub, where you can enter information about the issue you’ve encountered and provide a screenshot.

Have you received any suggestion from support what could be causing the latency?

Best, Chris

Hi@Christopher Hoard 

No, I have not tried to send feedback, until now, and that leads me to nowhere.


My main hope was finally get the Surface Hub's Whiteboard connectd to the end-user's whiteboard on the windows 10. That failed, most likely the proxy connections are still so new for Microsoft ;) But now, when Microsoft released the preview for Teams whiteboard this get even a bit more challenging. Interesting to see if these two products could be married together.

For sure. I agree it's a bit disparate at the moment - which tends to be the case before they are consolidated.

I think this is a great question for the next Teams AMA so I would keep an eye out. Again, I would keep pushing on this until you get an answer through feedback, uservoice's and support. It's important to know your frustrations as otherwise there will be no or insignificant improvement where to need the Whiteboard to be a seamless experience across apps and devices!

If I see an AMA I'll PM you!

Best, Chris
Two years after! .. still the same :(

Whiteboard is extremely slow and unusable!


@Petri-X it's even much slower than Photoshop

If you are using a second display and the system is set to replicate the primary display Whiteboard will be very slow, especially when writing (inking?) with a pen.  If the second display is set to 'extend' the primary display Whiteboard is fine.


I hope that this helps