Which remoting app do you prefer?

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Who has experience with remote control apps for PowerPoint? Which one do you prefer and why?
Would be good to have them listed here and your experience on them so that we know pros and cons (and not the positive reviews from their creators!)

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I did it a few times for a simple presentation, simple as about 20 slides. My equipment was SP3 + 950XL, so I ran the presentation on the SP3, and remote with the 950XL.

1) Audience do give a plus on preparations cause most people thinks its technologies use is soooo advanced. (but its actually so simple of you have the equipment right)
2) Using the phone as a pointer is really handy.
3) Switching between slides when audience having questions is also fast and easy.
4) Having the preview screen and script notes on phone side does assist on making your presentation smooth and well organized.

1) It looks too cool! (people do ask about the equipment setup after presentation)
2) Connection is not very stable, you always better spare extra 15 mins checking the setup before the presentation start. One time I found it didn't connect right before the presentation supposed to start, so I had to switch back to regular setup.

Hope it helps.

I have tried the Mobile Mouse for iPhone on Windows 10. It does work good when all security settings are properly set. The phone then basically works as a mouse pad on your PC. The drawback is that it does not (or with difficulty) works on wifi networks that have strict security settings. You can define on which port the server is running and sometimes you need to enter the IP address manually before the connection succeeds. But usually (check the firewall on the laptop as well) it should work fine.


The free version just acts as a mousepad. The paid version will also do onscreen display on the iPhone.