Which app should I use?

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I'm trying to make a checklist, we use internally, more automated. We currently use a simple spreadsheet. I've created a Form that works pretty well; however, I need the form to be passed between different departments. As far as I know, this can't happen because when a different department opens the form, it starts a new record. I need a way to prepopulate the form with previously entered data. Can I do this with Forms, or is there another app I should be using in this circumstance?


Thanks in advance for any help


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I'm just learning myself. But I think you should investigate Microsoft Lists.
Tony, Thanks, I have been thinking about Lists. I need to check into it more as I'm not sure how I could pose questions in a list.
Microsoft 'Lists' comes to mind or you could try embracing 'Loop Components'. They're in their infancy right now but If you're using Teams then Loop allows lists and those lists can be shared in Teams. In fact, once created, a Loop (that starts in Teams) can be shared via its URL etc. and open as an editable page in your browser.

Take a look at: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/office/first-things-to-know-about-loop-components-ee2a584b-5785-...

And this YouTube Video may help: https://youtu.be/OjShmC6Y_is