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Hi all,


I don't know where to seek help - I am currently overwhelmed by the sheer amount of hubs and discussions, and I don't know where the most appropriate forum would be to post my issue. Apologies if this is the wrong spot - and I would very much appreciate some pointers where to seek help.


I am a long time user of Visual Studio and I have a subscription. I run a small one-man company. Some time in the past, my subscription moved over from my personal account to Azure. I don't recall what or how. 


This year, my subscription renewal came up, and as far as I can tell, I am registered somehow as two entities. I got two invoices, and paid twice for my subscription. As far as I can tell, I paid once via Azure, as a company, and once more as a person. These are hefty subscriptions.


I've tried finding support via the many MS web sites and I rang all of the numbers I could find, and I've been bouncing around the MS phone system and listening to muzak for many hours. 


Each time I find a live person they forward me to someone else, who forwards me to someone else, and like a hot potato, I get passed around and around until the connection drops and I have to start over again. The issue seems to be that I am between the cracks. If I ring the Microsoft Store area, they forward me to 'the business'. If I am in the business area, they forward me to the personal area. Or something.


The most help I received was from Hannah in Shanghai who is on Azure tech support. She was willing to listen to my problem, but could not help me, except to give me some phone numbers (which I had already tried in the past). I'll try tackling the phone system again.


One of the invoices came from MS Singapore (Visual Studio Professional via Azure), the other invoice came via MS New Zealand (Visual Studio Professional via the MS Store I think). 


All I want is for one of the invoices to be refunded: I am a one man band and can only use one subscription. 


I have no idea why I was charged twice: in the past there was no Azure, and then a few years ago, Azure came on the scene, and I started paying Visual Studio Processional subscriptions via Azure. 

For some reason, somehow, the old, pre-Azure subscription seems to have been revived.


I have no idea where to turn.


Does anyone have some pointers for me? I don't need yet another phone number to ring - I've done that for hours. What I really need is a person who is able to interact with both MS entities that are invoicing me, and help me sort it out.



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