Where is Microsoft To-Do settings on Office 365 Admin Center??

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From where I can find Microsoft To-Do settings in Office 365??

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What setting, there's really only on-off and that's under the users licenses these days.
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There is not currently a specific setting for Microsoft To-Do in the Microsoft 365 Portal. For your reference, check this:

I know this is an old thread, is it still the case that you have no way to Admin user settings?


Rolling out "mid-June" (2020) there is this:


Once available, this feature will be enabled by default and users will have the ability to join lists that are shared from an external personal account


We don't want to allow this.

@Iivo Kerminen I did not find specific admin center for to do like with other apps like exchange. instead open your to-do applications on the web. From there you will see the gear icon on your top right. On the dropdown you will see to do settings.

Right, but I don't want to do that for 400 people
Anyone have any update on this if there is any admin controls for To Do?

@Iivo Kerminen 

Seems To-Do not under Office 365 Admin Center as of today yet