Where did the "Activity Alerts" for activities in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint go?


In order to detect when a Team has been deleted i have earlier used "Activity Alerts" in the "Office 365 Security & Compliance Center". Now i cannot find the activity (Deleted Team) or Deleted Site or any other of the activities that was available when creating Activity Alerts. I have looked in Security Center, Compliance Center, Exchange Admin Center, Microsoft 365 Defender but i just cannot find this anywhere.

Any of you here who can make my day by telling me where I can find this functionality now?

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Hello friend! I have no idea what they are doing, it has been like this for ages now. They want us to use the "new" Alert policies but those are missing quite a few goodies so one have to go back to the legacy Activity alerts where it looks like you already are? I just went there and typed "deleted" and all those options turned up https://compliance.microsoft.com/managealerts