Where are the Conceptual Web Site Stencils

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Hi, I have Visio Standard 2019.   I can download and open the conceptual webiste templates but they open blank as I am missing the stencils that they use.    Where are they located so I can download them.    Per Microsofts site  they are part of the visio that I have.   https://support.office.com/en-us/article/plan-your-web-site-with-visio-shapes-60d7aa38-8f2d-4d8f-875...

The Conceptual Web Site template opens three stencils:

  • Conceptual Web Site Shapes  These shapes represent general content, such as pages, page groups, and related pages.

  • Web Site Map Shapes  These shapes represent specific content, such as ActiveX controls, files, multimedia, and images.

  • Callouts  These shapes annotate your diagram.

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