When changing Outlook calendar items to different date, they don't become visible for the attendees

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A company is using Microsoft 365 in combination with MacOs. (Big Sur 11.5.2)

They have Outlook for Mac installed.


Person A is creating a event in the calendar of person B. (not a issue, he has edit rights).

He is inviting himself and other people (outside of the organisation). Person A gets an invitation en the event shows in his calendar. So far so good.


Later on, the same person A changes the event to another date/time, but the attendees inside the organisation do not get an invite, nor can they see the change of date in their calendar (it still shows on the original date). However, externally invited people, do get a message with the changed date/time.


Anyone any idea on where to look / resolve this? 

I can reproduce the issues on other macs/macos versions. I'm using the latest Outlook for Mac version witch comes as a part of Microsoft 365.


Thank you in advance,


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