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When a team is created the owner is not a member

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When i creat a new team in Microsoft Teams admin center with 1 owner and 2 members the created teams set owner will not become a member of that team. After the team is created i have to go into AAD and search for the group of the team i created and manually add the owner as a member to the group for it to work like it should. Is there any way for the set owner to become a member automatically after the team is created so you do not have to go into AAD?



I found a prime example of when the owner cannot do member stuff when they are only in the "owner" group.

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@michaelsjodin By default, a user who creates a new team is granted the owner status:


Why would you want to do this? As you can see in the link above, an Owner has the same (and more) capabilities to manage a Team.

Hey! I actually understand that request as sometimes we’ve also had to add the owner as member for things to populate properly. Can’t say exactly what it was though, don’t remember!

@ChristianBergstrom even if I can't think of any use-case for doing this, PowerShell and/or Graph API are your friends ;) you can easily automate this or run in as an Azure Runbook as often as you want.

Haha, will reply when I remember what is was :upside_down_face:
The reason is that the owner we add from Teams Admin Center do not get normal user rights or even counts as a "member" at all in Teams group if we do not go into AAD and add him manually after the Teams Group is created. Only when we add the owner to the AAD group the set owner has full admin and users rights in that Teams Group.

Interesting, thanks for the information. I don’t use the Teams admin center tbh, only putting owners to the Group, either via PS or the admin center. This sounds like a bug to me, why should the Teams admin center work different then M365 or AAD? I would suggest to open a support ticket, no clue what’s wrong here.

Hi again!

I am going to bump this thread as i found a prime example of when the owner cannot do member stuff when they are only in the "owner" group.

@michaelsjodin Yes! Thanks for making me remember what it was Michael. Can't believe I couldn't remember it being the Planner issue. Too much going on in the head I suppose 🤪

So I realise I can't add a planner to a team even when I'm a owner. On further investigation, I realise it's because when you add someone as an owner in Microsoft Teams admin center, they are not added as a member too (or have member's rights) This is not very well documented at all...

And then I find this thread talking about about this very issue here from Dec 2020. That's slightly over a year ago and no response from a Microsoft Rep?