What should I do if I need to copy some text to the clipboard within an Outlook Web Addin?

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Hello everyone,


I was wondering, since Clipboard APIs are not supported and 




is not supported either, what could I possibly do in order to write text to the clipboard from an Outlook Add-in?


Let's say I want to make an add-in that copies some text in a specific format inside the user's clipboard so that the user can paste it in the ERP without further processing, how am I supposed to achieve such extremely ridiculously easy thing if Microsoft is blocking and limiting every mean of doing that?


I have been searching for days, but Microsoft's documentation about developing add-ins for Outlook Web is just poorly made and lacking a lot of basic information, it's fragmented and is absolutely impossible to obtain the info we are searching for.


Tech Community and its users seem to be our last hope, even though this community seems full of spam and fake posts, but if that is what Microsoft can offer right now, we'll have to deal with it.


Thanks in advance, have a nice day.



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