What is Your Backup Strategy

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Nowadays when many people are working from home, backup their data is great challenge. There are in remote location and we don't have much control over their data. In such case OneDrive for Business and SharePoint playing important role in keeping data safe and backup.


What is your backup strategy nowadays?


Are you using OneDrive or you have other methods to backup and secure corporate data?

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I don't consider OneDrive or SharePoint to be backup solutions in themselves.  Admittedly, both have features which make it easier for users and admins to recover data such as version history and two stage recycle bins, retention policies etc, but these are by no means a substitute for a traditional backup solution.  If you want to backup your M365 environment in the traditional sense, then you are best looking at a third party product at the moment.



OneDrive and SharePoint are more convenience way since many people are familiar with it and has been working with it and license is available to many companies so they don't have to worry about new license or deployment of new products.

However, for more advance scenario there is Microsoft product called Data Protection Manager which could do what you explained:




Interesting, I've not heard of that product before.  Looking at this though, it seems to be more an on-premises backup tool than something that can backup O365.  Perhaps I misread your OP though and this is what you were in fact talking about.  :lol:



You are right, it is on-premise product and not on cloud and it provides comprehensive backup solution. Actually, I didn't asked question but I start a discussion and since OneDrive is known to many people, I decided to bring that up to see what others think about it and also see other backup strategies.

During COVID-19 backup is challenging because if our employees are working from home and with their own PC, we want to make sure our company data are secure and protected but we don't want to backup their personal files and pictures in our company data center :lol: .


@Reza_Ameri-Archived  Well I guess what we need to ensure is staff don't store files on local drives and USB's, especially if these files contain personal and sensitive data.  ANother thing to be careful of is that making sure users don't print sensitive data and leave it unprotected. Our uses use VPN to connect to work domain and some users are using One drive to save files. We have also recently implemented an O365 backup. Offie 365 has retention built in but not backup, hence if you wanted to retrive a file which was deleted 6 months ago you may not be able to do so.





@MAJIDAM thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Training staff is essentials but in reality , they won't follow best practices and procedures and wee need to enforce it, so we use RMS and other DLP techniques , so even if they copy data outside company, it won't work.

@PeterRising   Agreed with you!   OneDrive is a file sync tool, but suitable for backing up.  SharePoint and OneDrive support version histories, but not enough for data backup.  Using a third-party backup tool should be a better option.   Check out  cubebackup  or veeam.