What is Office Mix?


A free add-in for PowerPoint


Office Mix is a Free Add-in for PowerPoint that helps you create and share interactive online videos. Get it now!



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What about Office Timelines? We have the recent update for Office Timeline and thought it is easily customizable, I would like to see some tutorial.

office mix allow to convert your power point to video online automatically and make question and get feedback

I am aware of that feature and i have exported those video in Office365Videos.

It's a fantastic tool for education and training. It works really well for Flipped Learning. Teachers know how to use PowerPoint and often have existing resources in PowerPoint. They can easily pick up the new features (rather than learning a whole new interface), they can reuse existing resources and love the analytics! Another great use with the video option in the screen recording an educator showed me was adding signing for hearing impaired students.

It'd be great to have an Office Mix group in the Education area too!

Yeah it was a tough choice because it naturally fits in both spaces. If we get enough 'education' oriented content we can think about moving Office Mix over there.