What happen to OneNote if the staff resigns?

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Hi all.


I have a question about OneNote.


Let’s say there are 2 people.


Person A and B


Chronological order:

Person A provides Person B with read-write access to one of his OneDrive folder,
Person B creates a OneNote file in that folder
Person B resigns.


What will happen to the OneNote file created by person B?

I question this because I know OneDrive will treat other files just as “files”, but I’m not so sure with OneNote.


As far as I know, if a person leaves a company we still have 30 days to save their Onedrive but what about OneNote?


Hope anyone can assist me on this matter.


Thank you!

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As far as OneDrive is concerned, any OneNotes are just another "file", so they will be removed 30 days after the owner account is deleted (or whatever retention period you have set).
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If Azure AD has been set up correctly and the Person A has the "manager" attribute filled then the manager will get access to their OneDrive as a site collection administrator. Now, the retention period kicks in only when the user is delicensed or deleted. So, depending on your exit strategy for users, it might be worthwhile moving the OneNote (or parts of it) to a SharePoint Team site. From an information management perspective, if the document is used by team members for collaboration then it is probably best to move to a SharePoint Team site. This way if Person B resigns then other people will still have access to the OneNote or its contents.

Hi @Vasil Michev,

I see, was thinking the same too. Since OneNote file is saved in the Onedrive hence the behavior and retention period is the same like it. Thank you!
Hi @Tristan999,

Agreed. Thank you for the further explanation!