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I'm looking at building a Viva Engage Community for my organisation.  Looks fairly straightforward so far.


But I’ve hit a a blocker with notifications.  Looking into notifications for a community, I found

“By default, Viva Engage sends you notifications for many types of activity in your network. To avoid overloading yourself, select which notifications you want to receive.” 


Looking into it further, there’s an FAQ response

“Q: Can admins set default email settings for a network?

A: No, the only email settings an admin can change are whether emails sent by Viva Engage must be confirmed before sending and the logo included in email messages that Viva Engage sends. Users control their own email notification settings.”


This is a problem for me.  If different departments are all setting up groups, and everyone starts getting emails every time someone posts, people are going to be annoyed and it’ll really hamper adoption.


Is this something anyone else has come across?  Has anyone found a way around it, like setting the notification settings to stop emails by group policy for example?


Thanks for your help!

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I think if you make it a private community instead of public, then only members who've joined it will get the update (then they can opt out of email notifications if they don't want it, or pick which communities they want to receive notifications from). So if different departments had their own community, they just keep it private to them and no one else would receive an email.

My bigger issue, which I can't find an answer to anywhere is how we can get notifications in Teams, instead of an email, like the normal Teams activity feed bell notifications.