Visio Online with E3 licensed users. (View/create file)

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If user have E3 without Visio license. Does the user are able to open file shared with it with Visio Online?

If user have E3 without Visio license. Can he still create new file with Visio Online?

Is E5 (or any other O365 plan) planned to include Visio Online by default for every user?
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All Office 365 Enterprise suites, (including F1) provide view-only Visio Online functionality.


To create or edit a document, a user would need either Visio Online Plan 1 (Web app editing), or Visio Online Plan 2 (Windows desktop client editing).


Visio and Project have always been licensed externally to the Office suite - I wouldn't expect this to change anytime soon.


Hope that helps.