Visio JavaScript APIs for Visio files stored in third party databases

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As Mavim we want to be able to move our applications to the cloud as a SAAS solution for our customers.

On order to achieve this, we make use of the Office for the web functionality to show documents online.


We are able to view the Visio diagrams using our WOPI host implementation (

Now we need to be able to communicate with the Visio diagram and getting the name of the selected shape.

Therefor we like to use the Visio JavaScript APIs.

This particular part is blocking us to go to the cloud.

We need the ability to interact with Visio diagrams using the JavaScript Visio API when the Visio documents are stored in a 3rd party database.


The reason we need to interact is because we want to able to navigate to other diagrams by clicking on a shape in the Visio diagram.


We have been trying hard to see if we can get "shape info" of the shapes in the visio files that are loaded by the Wopi Client. Looking at the WOPI documentation ( we should be able to receive postmessages. However we cannot get it to work. 
We referred back to the Microsoft documentation on using the Visio Javascript API (, additionally this is intended for SharePoint. Unfortunately we cannot get this to work either.



I hope you can help us getting all our customers into the cloud.

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