Visio for Arm

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Visio for Arm?


I was wondering if there are any plans for an ARM version for Visio.   I am a msdn enterprise subscriber as well as long time Office 365 user and I was suprised recently when I found out there were no versions of Visio (which I use religiously as an Architect) for my Surface X and for the mac (which I have to use for my current job).  Any plans?   It is strange that Microsoft is pushing hard into Arm without 



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anyone find a update on this, I'm looking at replacing my now 6yr old MBP with a new M1 MBP or M1Max based platform, but I also work as a Architect and love inside Visio.
Anyone know if there is a MS Office or O365 that include Visio for the ARM platform ?

Visio Online just isnt the same. Its not a fluid.