Visio Brainstorm diagram not available

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Hello All,


I purchased a trial visio plan 2 a few days ago and i am trying to find the brainstorming diagram, however, i cannot find it.

I followed the steps here, but I could not find it.


Does anyone have any idea why this might happen?


On another tenant, with the same setup, it seemed to work.


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it seems that actually the digram is available on the desktop app, but not on the web. i would have expected it to be available on the web as well.

It's been two years since this post but I just upgraded from Visio 2016 to Visio 2021 and found that the brainstorm diagram template was not where it used to be (i.e., where suggested in the Microsoft documentation link). As a workaround I found I could get the brainstorm diagram shapes by starting a new diagram and searching for brainstorm under shapes. FWIW and IMHO this wouldn't be the first time Microsoft moved my cheese on something like this; don't get me started about Visio after 2010 ;o)