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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Visibility of shared contacts in Address book

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My organization purchased a version of Office Business Premium.


I want to create a shared contact list for the entire organization.


The Public folder does not solve my problems, because I want shared contacts to be visible not in Folders, but in Contacts.


I created a user with the name "Chared contacts", granted users read / edit rights through his account, sent an email with an invitation to open the Shared Contacts folder. And she showed up!


But I can't add these contacts to GAL. Those, when creating a new letter, I do not see these users in the contact list.


Right clicking on the Shared Contacts folder does not allow this - option "Show this folder as an email Address Book" is missing...




How can (and can) this be done?

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