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Could you please help me to fix a problem I am having in opening an Excel file in Microsoft 365 as "View more files" is greyed out. File | Open | View more files | Thank you!

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I have exactly the same problem, I've just started using Office 365.  I can open only the files listed in the "Recently Used" (none of which are very recent) so effectively I can't use Excel 365.  When I do a save as for a blank workbook it doesn't display my existing OneDrive folders.


Sorry I can't help you and by the look of it Microsoft Support aren't gonna be much help either.


Can you share the screen shot about the greyed out?



Did you get a solution to this - we have same issue on a new Surface device. Can only see recent files, but have no way to navigate to one drive or local files when in the online excel app.



I did get some help from MS support, the problem might be related to the fact that I was using Excel 365 in the browser, not in the desktop app.  I haven't had a chance to test this yet; I've been using Office 2013 which apparently I'll need to uninstall before I can use the MS 365 desktop app.  I find the prospect a bit scary; if I uninstall it but still have problems with Excel 365 it'll cause me a big headache as I use Excel every day for my daughter's business.


I'd prefer to use the desktop app as it has extra functionality, but it seems to me that I should still be able to open files from the web browser version.





@davidmreid , I had the same problem and here is what i did instead (sorry eng is not my first language)

1. Open Microsoft Store 

2. See if you already have Microsoft365 app installed (if not install) 

3. Open the Microsoft365 app- click Excel tab (on the Left side)

4. (Inside the Excel tab) You should see "Upload" button at the right hand upper corner

5. Once you upload the .xlsx file inside the app, it should bring up the excel sheet online right away


PS: I do not know how to navigate the web-excel open function to the designated folder. 

@Peter_Davey please were you able to solve this problem and how. I have just encountered this same issue and I really need to solve it so as to keep learning. 



@dS_lives  Did you try the response from  dataeverywhere.


I switched back to MS 2019 as it's a much more stable environment.